Tenure-Track Faculty

 Professor Diane Lauver with students
Professor and mentor Diane Lauver (left) with  research students       

The University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Nursing is the leading nursing research institution in Wisconsin and a crucial part of the state's health care system. Faculty research is translational in nature and grounded in practical application—the work being done here has an immediate impact on Wisconsin communities, hospitals, clinics, schools, and homes. School of Nursing faculty educate the nursing profession’s leaders and teachers of tomorrow through development of nursing curricula and new patient-centered care practices that are used by nurses statewide.


Barbara J. Bowers, Associate Dean for Research and Charlotte Jane and Ralph A. Rodefer Chair. PhD: University of California, San Francisco. Research interests: Care of frail; older adults across settings; evolving models of care; supervising front line staff in long term care settings; impact of organizational design and public policy on care quality. (Academic Bio) (Profile)

Eileen Kae Kintner, Professor and Mary W. and Carl E. Gulbrandsen Chair in Pediatric Nursing. PhD: University of Arizona. Research interests: Older school age child and adolescent lived-experience with chronic and life-threatening conditions, specifically asthma and cancer; theory development and testing; instrumentation and measurement; development and evaluation of public health education and counseling programs for students and members of their social networks; dissemination and implementation level research. (Academic Bio) (Profile)

Kristine Kwekkeboom, Professor. PhD: University of Wisconsin–Madison. Research interests: Cancer, palliative care, and use of nonpharmacologic therapies for pain and symptom management. (Academic Bio) (Profile)

Diane R. Lauver, Professor. PhD: University of Rochester. Research interests: Women's health issues and behaviors; primary care. (Academic Bio) (Profile)

Linda D. Oakley, Professor. PhD: University of Washington. Research interests: Nursing health promotion research on the epigenetic effect of social economic inequity on persistent poor health in Black Americans. Can positive coping reduce the health effects of accumulated life stress?(Academic Bio

Linda Scott, Dean and Professor. PhD: University of Michigan–Ann Arbor. Research interests: Impact of fatigue and sleep deprivation on nurses and their patients. (Academic Bio

Susan J. Zahner, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor. DrPH: University of California–Berkeley. Research interests: Public health system performance; public health nursing education and practice improvement.  (Academic Bio) (Profile)

Associate Professors

Audrey Tluczek, Associate Professor. PhD: University of Wisconsin–Madison. Research interests: Psychosocial issues related to genetic testing in newborn screening; multiple contexts of childhood chronic illness: development, family, and culture.  (Academic Bio) (Profile)

Earlise C. Ward, Associate Professor. PhD: University of Wisconsin–Madison. Research interests: Mental health of older African American women. (Academic Bio)

Assistant Professors

Lisa Bratzke, Assistant Professor. PhD: University of Nebraska Medical Center. Research interests: Cognition; health outcomes of older adults with multiple chronic illnesses.  (Academic Bio)

Andrea L. Gilmore-Bykovskyi, Assistant Professor. PhD: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Research interests: Improving health service delivery and outcomes for persons with dementia, focusing on pain and behavioral symptom management. (Academic Bio)

Kimberlee A. Gretebeck, Assistant Professor. PhD: Purdue University. Research interests: Improving the health of older adults with chronic illnesses through interventions that improve functional status and promote physical activity adherence. (Academic Bio)

Barbara J. King, Assistant Professor. PhD: University of Wisconsin–Madison. Research interests: Ambulation of hospitalized older adults; self-efficacy of nurses with ambulating ill older adults; improving outcomes for hospitalized older adults; transitional care of patients from hospital to nursing home setting. (Academic Bio) (Profile)

Linsey M. Barker Steege,  Assistant Professor. PhD: Virginia Tech. Research interests: Human factors and ergonomics in health care systems; measuring and modeling provider stress, fatigue, work flow, and performance; technology design and integration into health care systems. (Academic Bio)

Tonya Roberts, Assistant Professor. PhD: University of Wisconsin-Madison. Research interests: Care of frail, older adults; quality of life and person-centered care; patient activation; long-term care services and supports; health services research. (Academic Bio)

Elisa Torres, Assistant Professor. PhD: University of Michigan. Research interests: Physical activity and/or depression in ethnic minorities; effects of physical activity on areas of the brain related to depression. (Academic Bio)