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N470 School Nursing in the Context of Community Health Practice

The School of Nursing has developed a 3-credit online option for N470 School Nursing in the Context of Community Health Practice.  The 3-credit option is for associate degree prepared RNs who seek a community health course in order to practice as a school nurse.  The course is offered fall and spring semesters each year.

In December 2011, the Wisconsin Legislature approved a change in the statutory definition of a school nurse.  This change makes it possible for associate degree prepared RNs to be appointed as school nurses in the State of Wisconsin as long as they have completed a course in public or community health.  The 3-credit option of N470 fulfills this requirement. (N470 does not meet the 3-credit community health course requirement in the BSN@Home program.)

Course Description

Theoretical foundation for community health nursing (CHN) applied to school nurse settings. Students acquire the theoretical and practical foundations for establishing and maintaining school health nursing services. Content is drawn from nursing and public health sciences and includes topics of health promotion, disease prevention, epidemiology, evidence-based practice, ethics, and the role of the CHN. The nursing process is applied with a focus of providing care at the individual through the population level. The ecological model is used to analyze the influence of socioeconomic, environmental, political, and cultural health determinants. Associate degree prepared nurses who have not had a community health nursing course enroll for 3 credits.