Informatics and Health Systems

cave automatic virtual realtiyNursing research in informatics and health systems explores and develops innovations in the organization and delivery of patient care, and the information needed to support and evaluate it. Health service researchers attempt to understand and affect the social, financial, technological, and policy factors that contribute to the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and populations. Nursing faculty at the UW–Madison fous on health information technology and health systems research, including

  • advancing health care in hospitals, long-term care, schools, and other community settings;
  • examining the factors, via virtual reality, that influence a person’s ability to manage a health condition at home;
  • developing population-level public health programs; and
  • assessing the impact of interventions and work system re-design strategies on workflow, patient, provider, and organizational outcomes.


B. Bowers, P. Brennan, B. King, L. Steege, J. Y. Yoon, and S. Zahner


Health and Aging

Chronic Illness Management

Health Promotion in Individuals and Populations

Photo by Jeff Miller/UW–Madison