Health Promotion in Individuals and Populations

health promotion in individauls and populations photoNursing research focused on health promotion for individuals, families, and populations averts the onset or worsening of illness. Health promotion includes activities that address behavioral, social, and environmental factors related to health. UW–Madison faculty research interests in this area include


  • developing behavior change interventions to reduce the risk of illness across the lifespan,
  • improving management of existing health conditions, adopting a healthier lifestyle,
  • understanding social and environmental determinants of health, and
  • developing policies that ensure better health for all.


K. Gretebeck, D. Lauver, R. Muehrer, L. D. Oakley, E. Torres, A. Tluczek, E. Ward, and S. Zahner


Health and Aging

Chronic Illness Management

Informatics and Health Systems