Health and Aging

Nursing research focused on health and aging fosters optimal, holistic well-being in older persons. Society as a whole benefits when older persons are able to socially engage, stay physically active, and maintain mobility at home and within the community in safe environments. Research studies at the UW–Madison School of Nursing are designed to promote quality of life and care in aging and include   


  • appraising, maintaining, and enhancing functional status;
  • fostering person-environment fit and environmental safety;
  • supporting engagement with others of all ages and within the wider community;
  • examining and furthering intentions to continue an individual’s preferred living arrangements for as long as possible; and
  • envisioning and promoting policies designed to enhance safety and mobility.


B. Bowers, L. Bratzke, K. Gretebeck, K. Kehl, B. King, K. Kwekkeboom, and J. Y. Yoon


Chronic Illness Management

Health Promotion in Individuals and Populations

Informatics and Health Systems

Photo by Mary Langenfeld