Chronic Illness Management

Because of rapid advances in diagnostic and treatment strategies, numerous illnesses have become considered “chronic” health conditions that require self-monitoring and management by patients and their families outside the hospital and clinic setting. Nurses are key to the understanding and management of complex conditions that improve health outcomes in the context of one’s living environment (e.g., home, work). UW–Madison School of Nursing research focused on chronic health management includes  



  • evaluating and managing treatment and illness side effects,
  • applying symptom recognition and implementing self-care strategies,
  • examining coping strategies centered on distressing experiences and mental health concerns, and
  • exploring new technologies and virtual environments to create innovative home care technologies to monitor and manage health conditions.
  • Faculty:

    L. Bratzke, P. Brennan, K. GretebeckK. KwekkeboomR. Muehrer, L. D. Oakley, E. Torres, A. Tluczek, and E. Ward


    Health and Aging

    Health Promotion in Individuals and Populations

    Informatics and Health Systems

    Photo by Bob Rashid