School Nurse Certification Program

The School Nurse Certification Program is offered in cooperation with the School of Education and prepares Baccalaureate-prepared nurses for positions overseeing school health services. Many school districts require that nurses complete school nurse certification as a condition of employment. Candidates apply to enter the program through the School of Nursing. Upon completion of the program requirements, candidates apply for licensure through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.



Registered nurses and students enrolled in the UW-Madison baccalaureate degree program in nursing may apply to the program via the Admission Application (PDF). Applicants who are not current UW–Madison students must also apply to be a Nondegree/Special student at Eligible students enroll in on the following ways:

  • Baccalaureate-prepared registered nurses (school nurses and interested others holding the RN and BS) may apply to enter the certification program as "University Special" students with UW-Madison.
  • BSN@Home: RNs working toward a baccalaureate degree may complete some of the requirements during their enrollment in the BSN@Home program (formerly called the "CNP" or Collaborative Nursing Program). After completing the BS, they could enroll in the program as "University Special" students to complete the requirements.
  • BSN Program: Students enrolled in the basic baccalaureate degree program in the School of Nursing at UW-Madison may elect to meet the requirements for certification during their course of study. They should see an advisor early in their program for program planning.

The first step in the process to enroll in the program to attain certification is through an application to the School of Nursing. If you have credits/courses/experiences that may be equivalent to a requirement, you may be exempt from a course, but this must be arranged though the School Nursing (e.g., review credentials).