Honors Program

Program Requirements

Students must complete the following honors courses:

  • N680 - Honors Seminar (1 cr)
  • N302 - Introduction to Systematic Inquiry (3 cr) – honors section
  • N681 - Senior Honors Thesis (1-2 cr)
  • N682 - Senior Honors Thesis (1-2 cr)

A student may obtain undergraduate honors credit for a graduate level course (e.g., N700 Nursing Research I may fulfill requirements for N302 Introduction to Systematic Inquiry) if this is negotiated in advance with the undergraduate and graduate course professors.

Honors Seminar

The Honors Seminar course (N680) provides students with the opportunity to learn about faculty research projects. Students enroll in this course during the first semester of the nursing program. As part of the seminar, faculty present their research, and faculty and students discuss research findings. In addition, students arrange meetings with faculty to explore the possibility of a mentoring experience and potential senior honors thesis projects. At the end of the seminar, students are assigned a faculty mentor.

Nursing Research

The Nursing Research course, Introduction to Systematic Inquiry (N302), provides students with an overview of the steps of the research process. This course precedes the senior honor thesis and students enroll in an honors section. During the course, students design their honors thesis with guidance from their faculty mentor so that, upon completion of the course, students submit their N681 senior thesis contract.

Senior Honors Thesis

The Senior Honors Thesis (N681 and N682) is a two-semester effort (or a semester and a summer). Students actively participate in their faculty mentor’s research program. The honors thesis can involve one or more of the following steps of the research process: reviewing the literature; designing nursing interventions for testing; collecting data; analyzing and interpreting data; and preparing scholarly reports or manuscripts.

Senior thesis monies are available to students while completing the thesis. Students apply for the funding when submitting their N681 and N682 contracts.