ABOUT CARE: A Message from Dr. Barbara J. Bowers, Director

Older adults are a vital part of our community. For the first time in recorded history, persons age 65 and over will outnumber children under age 5. Unfortunately, the health care workforce receives very little education in geriatrics and is not prepared to deliver the best care to older adults. The UW–Madison School of Nursing is prepared for this challenge with the creation of the Center for Aging Research and Education (CARE).

Building on a solid foundation of research in long term care, CARE is designed to improve the care and quality of life for older adults. Our mission commands expertise, passion, and commitment. Nurses must have a special understanding of the needs of older adults and a willingness to work for and with them to create the best care environment.

Our work is designed to support the development of this expertise and understanding by providing opportunities for continual learning and a forum in which to exchange ideas. Within the School of Nursing, CARE works to support and coordinate efforts to develop student and faculty expertise in the care of older adults. In the greater community, CARE strives to serve the needs of practicing nurses by providing updates and summaries of relevant research, supporting provider participation in the education of our students, and creating research partnerships to explore questions most relevant to the practice of nursing care.

CARE carries on the renowned tradition of the School of Nursing’s internationally recognized leaders in the field of aging and long-term care. We remain at the forefront of new knowledge and discovery for practicing nurses working with older adults. Our focus on excellence continues as our faculty explore better transitions of care, improved pain management, exercise programs to keep older persons healthier and active, recruitment and retention of qualified nurses in long-term care, improved quality of life for people with heart failure, better preparation of nurses and family caregivers for end-of-life care, and addressing mental health issues of older African American women.

Through our dedication to nursing education, research, practice, and policy, we aim to transform the quality of life and quality of care for older adults and their caregivers.

Barbara Bowers, PhD, RN, FAAN
Associate Dean for Research
Director, Center for Aging Research and Education


Initial funding for CARE was made possible by a gift from Kathleen Gottschalk in memory of her mother, Ruth McNally Timeus, and the Enroth Family Fund. To make a gift in support of CARE's mission, click here.